• ambulatory examinations and treatment of children and young adults from birth till the age of 19
  • after the age of 19 treatment of formerly registered in acute cases is also possible
  • doctor's and nurse's visit at a newborn baby
  • preventive care and vaccination for newborn and babies till 3 years of age
  • regular and preventive checkups for children of age 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15, 17 and 19 years
  • mandatory and non-mandatory vaccination that is completely or partially covered by public medical insurance
  • non-standard vaccination completely covered by patient
  • measurement of CRP level
  • ear piercing
  • providing services not covered by public health insurance


Services not covered by public health insurance

Service Price in Kč
Medical report - insurance event 200
Certificate for child adoption 200
Registration to kinder-garden 80
Registration for driving license 280
Registration for apprenticeship, high school and university 120
Every other registration 60
Certificate for sport events 100
Statement of current health status for summer and winter camps 100
Employment entrance examination 280
Certificate for brigade-work and food license 120
Firearms license 300
Health certificate for studies abroad 150
Ear piercing 200
Application of non-mandatory vaccination 100
Substitute certificates and documents 70
Postponing of elementary school attendance 100
Certificate of absence from kinder-garden 50
Certificate for forensic purposes 200

Prices for uninsured patients

Service Price in Kč
Nurse's home visit of a newborn baby 240
First examination of the child during consultations 480
Repeated examination during consultations 330
First examination of an ill child 200
Control checkup of ill child 150
Vaccination (into skin or muscle) 150
Vaccination (per-orally - to mouth) 100
Doctors' visit during working days 300
Doctors' visit during public holidays and weekends 500

All prices are without VAT, final prices may change due to the changing legislation of VAT for health care services.

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