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To protect the health of your child and yourself we kindly ask you to follow these rules:

  1. All visits need to be arranged before by calling +420 541 217 798.
  2. Please come on time, if you do not arrive at the appointed time i tis necessary to make a new appointment.
  3. Enter the premises of the medical facility only when prompted by the staff and carefully follow their instructions.
  4. Entrance is allowed only to the patient, one person as their accompaniment in the case of under-aged or disabled patients, exceptions only after an agreement with the doctor.
  5. Inside of the medical facility you are obliged to wear a cover of your nose and mouth. Do not take off the face mask, in case of oral examination only pull it down under your chin.
  6. Stay as far as possible from other potential patients and people, enter and exit the facility by the shortest and fastest route.
  7. Disinfect your hands before and after the visit to the medical facility.
  8. Do not touch surfaces in not necessary.
  9. Please make sure that your child does not touch surfaces either and avoids contact with other persons.
  10. Do not eat or drink within the medical facility.
  11. When using the toilet follow hygienic principles (flush, wash your/child’s hands with soap and warm water, dry hands, disinfect by hand sanitizer).
  12. When sneezing or coughing use single use paper tissues which you take away with you. Wash hands after blowing your nose.
  13. Used baby diapers must be taken away with you.
  14. Please take into consideration that doing all anti-epidemic measures (cleaning surfaces, disinfection, ventilation) requires appropriate time.
  15. Please solve trivial medical issues by yourself or in case of uncertainty consult us by phone.
  16. Do not postpone preventive vaccination and regular check-ups without serious reasons.

These rules reflect the guidelines of the Czech association of general practitioners for children and adolescents.

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